Leadership CHALLENGE

Our first leadership challenge is happening NOW!

Women show leadership in their community, in the workplace, and the agriculture industry in many ways. We want to support and recognize women who serve as leaders.

So, what is a leader? Here's a few definitions to get you thinking:

"An explorer, cutting a path through the rest of the jungle for others to follow."

"A political leader, pursing a passionate, personal cause."

"Someone who motivates and inspires others." 


An effective leader does the following:

1) Creates an inspiring vision for the future.

2) Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.

3) Manages delivery of that vision.

4) Coaches and builds a team, so that they are effective at achieving that vision.  

Now that we've got you thinking about what a leader is, nominate someone today! This could be your boss, wife, sister, friend, or work colleague. Nominate someone who possesses leadership skills in some area of their life. 


-Nominations CLOSE April 1, 2017.

-The winning nomination will receive a Hillberg and Berk Venus necklace for BOTH the nominator and the nominee, as well as a feature on our Facebook page. 

-The definitions of leadership above are a guideline but not necessary for meeting challenge criteria.  Nominations can be creative and include various aspects of leadership at all levels.  


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