Meet the Leadership Team- Ginelle Pidwerbesky

Our next Leadership Team introduction is Ginelle Pidwerbesky. Ginelle is no stranger to the WIA blog. She was featured in her own article last year! She has served on the board since the beginning and is one of the co-founders!

She will now be serving as the Executive Director and Director on the board! We are very lucky to have Ginelle and part of the original vision still actively involved in the group.  

Question 1- Where are you from?

I grew up in the northern city of Prince Albert, and on a farm 8 miles north of Borden.  I now reside back in Saskatoon after a brief stint in Calgary. 

Question 2- What do you do?

I write music, I run social media for a few agriculture companies around the province, I am the Executive Director for Women in Ag, and I work as a marketing & business strategy consultant for a medical device company in Saskatoon.

Question 3- Why did you co-found Women in Ag?

I co-founded Women in Ag because I felt there was a need to connect women in the industry.  I knew there were a lot of women around the province doing exceptional things within agriculture, but I had no idea how to connect to, network with or learn from them.

Question 4- What do I do in my spare time? 

I make music! I support women in ag volunteers and I connect with other inspirational women throughout the women in ag network!