Meet the Leadership Team- Shelby LaRose

Our next Leadership Team introduction is Shelby LaRose. Shelby is our Communications Committee Lead and is one of the faces behind the WIA social media channels, newsletters and blog posts! 

Question 1- Where are you from?

I grew up on a small grain farm near Kipling, Saskatchewan. I moved back home after university and currently live on the farm with my family.

Question 2- What do you do?

I am a Crop Production Advisor/Sales Agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions and have worked in this role for almost 3 years.

Question 3- Why did you join Women in Ag?

I always knew that I wanted to get involved with the agriculture industry when I left university. There was not much of an opportunity in my hometown to volunteer for ag related organizations. I came across the Women in Ag team while volunteering for the WIA Agriculture Month campaign. After the campaign was over, I saw there was a vacant position in the Communications Committee and applied. Being able to work with the WIA team has been an incredible experience so far. I have the privilege to work with incredible ladies from across the province in order to increase the awareness of women working in agriculture, as well as, network and meeting other women in ag from across the province. The ability to learn from other people and make our own path is very empowering! I cannot wait to see where the group goes in the years to come.

Question 4- What do you do in your spare time? OR A Fun Fact about yourself OR Your Favourite Made in Canada product.

When I am not busy on the farm or at work, you can find me at Tae Kwon Do (I am a Black Belt), at the curling rink or serving on another community board. But my absolutely favourite thing to do in my spare time is to be in the kitchen either trying new recipes or making old favourites.