Meet the Leadership Team- Andria Karstens

Our final Leadership Team introduction is Andria Karstens. Andria is the Administrative Coordinator for Women in Ag and keeps the entire team organized and on track! Andria started with the group a year ago and we are very glad to have her on the team.


Question 1- Where are you from?

Wilkie, SK- A small town west of Saskatoon

Question 2- What do you do?

I am a Climate Business Manager at the Climate Corporation.

Question 3- Why did you join WIA?

I joined WIA to meet and share ideas with like minded women who are passionate about the ag industry.

Question 4- What you do in your spare time? OR A Fun Fact about yourself OR Your favourite Made in Canada product.

Fun Fact: I moved to ON for 8 months to learn more about eastern agriculture and have been learning a ton. It's like a whole different world!