Tips for Surviving #Harvest19

Harvest can be a stressful time. Whether Mother Nature is not cooperating, facing various breakdowns or burning that midnight oil to get the crop off the field, farmers face a lot of stress! We at Women in Ag come from various backgrounds and all work in different aspects of the industry but would not do what we do without you, the farmers!

We thought what better way to help you get through the season then to provide some helpful tips! Whether you are a season veteran or just getting into the industry, we hope you learn at least one new thing! With that being said, here are your tips for getting through #Harvest19!

  1. You can call anything a casserole if you put enough cheese on top of it

  2. Take the time to do things safely and correctly

  3. Keep good records and representative samples

  4. Always keep snacks in your truck because you never know when you’ll get a chance to eat and you don’t want to get hangry

  5. Try to get a decent amount of sleep. When you’re tired, even small things turn into a big deal.

  6. Find something positive in every situation. Harvest is exhausting as is. It’s a lot more exhausting with a negative Nancy around.

  7. Make double batches or 2 of a meal when you have time, freeze half and save it for when you don’t have time or for those late night meals.

  8. Drink lots of water - coffee counts for your water intake, too. (Caffeine is not a diuretic). Water improves energy, immunity and clears toxins. As a guide, be sure to drink half your body weight each day. Oh, and have TP on hand!

  9. If you’re getting tired, take a break or call a friend so you stay alert.

  10. Feeling stressed? Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, holding each for three long seconds and slowly release all of your air.

  11. Take advantage of the Farm Stress Line if you’re feeling overwhelmed 1-800-667-4442

  12. Stock up on ziplocs and clean pails, you can never have enough!

  13. Check your fire extinguishers, program local emergency number into your phone, keep a first aid kit accessible, and always know where you are (a list of land locations in your glove box is a great idea)

  14. If you are starting to feel tired, make sure to take breaks and get some fresh air. Get out of the cab, do some jumping jacks or take a lap around the equipment you are running! Something that works for you and keeps you alert!