Meet the Leadership Team- Kate Fraser

Our next Leadership Team introduction is Kate Fraser. Kate is our Volunteer Committee Lead and is in charge of on-boarding all of our volunteers! She is serving her first year as a Director on the board and we are very excited to have her!

Question 1- Where are you from?

I grew up on a cash crop operation in southwestern Ontario and now reside in Regina. I have worked in agriculture in both Alberta and Saskatchewan but moved to Regina as it is close to my husband's hometown.

Question 2- What do you do?

I am a proud employee at Farm Credit Canada (FCC). I am an Analyst and am part of the team managing FCC Vision - the largest agriculture research panel in Canada!

Question 3- Why did you join WIA?

I grew up volunteering and when I planted roots in Saskatchewan, I knew I wanted to find a way to be involved. I also grew up with strong farm women who worked off the farm but also helped in some capacity on the farm. Having these role models, I have seen from working in the industry that women are underrepresented and definitely have some obstacles and bias to work through. I wanted to be part of an organization that is working to empower women to get involved and to be a platform to encourage women in learn and grow in their careers.

Question 4- What you do in your spare time? OR A Fun Fact about yourself OR Your favourite Made in Canada product.

Having experience in agriculture across Canada and a genuine love for food, I have a blog that focuses on healthy meals using Canadian ingredients. I also have had the privilege of hosting cooking demos at Agribition to educate consumers on Canadian agriculture. When I'm not at work or busy in my kitchen, you can find me in hockey rinks across the country where I coach initiation players and coaches as well as female development programs across the province!