Meet the Leadership Team- Melissa Hurst

Our next Leadership Team introduction is Melissa Hurst. Melissa is our Calendar Committee Lead and is the mastermind behind the annual Women in Ag Calendar. She is serving her first year as a director on the board and we are thrilled to have her! 

Question 1- Where are you from?

The capital of Saskatchewan, Regina!

Question 2- What do you do?

My day to day job I work for the Ministry of Agriculture. I am working to build the livestock industry towards a fully functioning traceability system. This includes establishing policies, regulations and developing and overseeing administration practices.

Question 3- Why did you join WIA?

Networking and relationships aren’t transactional things, they are personal. I decided to join WIA to build personal and professional development connections. It would be naive of me to believe I understand the vast industry that is agriculture. Women in Ag is a great group that supports and connects those across the industry. Having the opportunity to work alongside other passionate women involved in agriculture in different capacities is enlightening.

Question 4- What you do in your spare time? OR A Fun Fact about yourself OR Your favourite Made in Canada product.

Fun Fact – I’ve lived in three different provinces in Canada.